500 ml CRC Eco Leak Finder C4711 gas leakage spray detector

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Gas leak detector, ecological spray in 500 ml can. It detects and rapidly and reliably identifies gas leaks in pressurized systems forming very visible bubbles. It can be used for natural gas, propane, butane, acetylene, LPG, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, compressed air, refrigerants, oxygen and other types of gas. Compatible with metals and plastics.
CRC C4711 - Eco Leak Finder

CRC Eco Leak Finder 500 ml spray locates immediately gas leaks, pUò being used for detection on cold or hot gases, flammable, toxic, refrigerants, LPG, compressed air etc.

CRC C4711 is a stable, biodegradable, ecological and harmless spray for human health, not corroded, does not damage, non-plastic stain, rubber, steel, aluminum and copper.

This detector has a non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic composition.

It is usable for most gases, on tubes, valves, threaded fittings, glued or welded, pressurized containers, compressors, refrigerating circuits or fumes and air conditioners.

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