3M ™ Cubron ™ II 982XC Pro Grana 36+ diameter 115-125-180 mm diameter

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Diameter: 115 mm
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Fiberglass discs to be used with a special pad for welding removal, calamine, carbon steel imperfections and stainless steel. 36+ grain different diameters available.
3M Cubron II 982xc Pro

The abrasive discs Cubron II 982CX Pro they have onePrecision-shaped chart 3m redesigned size even faster and lasts longer, helping you to increase productivity in your operations. The triangular ceramic grain consumes uniformly, cools and remains sharpen for the entire life of the disc, it manages to work with a lower pressure than traditional fiber discs, helping to reduce the requests of the operators.

They are available in 36+ grain for medium and high pressure applications such as welding grinding, bevel and heavy deburring.


Designed for use on metals ranging from structural steel to sheet metal, COn a wide range of applications: in the construction of vessels and boats and in the manufacture of MetallI, in agriculture and construction, industrial machinery, food processing and oil and gas.

It is recommended for use on carbon steel, but can be used safely on stainless steel.

They can be used for maximum efficiency in robotic applications. Automated grinding processes are efficient as the abrasives they use.The main supplements of robotic systems around the world choose 3M Cubitron II fiber discs, because iThe redesigned ceramic-shaped grain in the fiber disk maintains robots in the cruisement of welds and maximizes efficiency, compared to other fiber discs that require a replacement.

To use with 3M CUBITRON II 982C and 987C fibergreen (click here to see the dedicated product)

Applications in the foreground:

  • Welding removal
  • Chamfer
  • Grinding
  • Heavy deburr
  • Robotic and other automated applications

3M Cubron II 982 XC Pro Grana 36+ disks are available in:

  • Diameter 115 mm
  • Diameter 125 mm
  • Diameter 180 mm

Technical features:

Ø115 mm Ø125 mm Ø180 mm
Type of attachment
Grooved central hole
Ø Central Forum
16- 22.23 mm
Maximum speed used 12000 rpm 13300 rpm 8600 rpm
Support material
Type of bond
3M code 7100242885 7100246096 7100242965

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