LoxEAL 59-30 High temperature silicone gasket to glue and seal

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Ideal for gluing and sealing: distribution carter, oil cups, gearboxes, pump flanges, industrial ovens, pipelines for stoves and chimneys, irons, glass and metal.

Vulcanize at room temperature, excellent resistance to oils and minerals, water, glycol, gas and LPG. Create a tenacious film that absorbs shocks and vibrations.

Single-component silicone sealing adhesive with acetic cross-linking, polymerizes per reaction with atmospheric humidity.
It is indicated for sealing gearboxes, changes, differentials, pump flanges, motors and compressors, pipes with hot fluids.
It forms an elastic seal resists vibrations, temperature changes, gas, LPG, oils, water and various chemical agents.
It maintains its sealing properties in the temperature range from - 60 ° C to + 250 ° C with tips up to + 300 ° C.
Sealed couplings can be disassembled with normal tools.

Physical properties:
Composition: acetic polymerization silicone
Colors: red / black
Physical appearance: Pasta
Specific weight (g / ml): 1.0 - 1.1
Stability in stock: 1 year at + 25 ° C in the original containers

Instructions for Use
Clean and degrease the surfaces with Loxeal Cleaner 10. Apply a product curb in sufficient quantities to completely fill the junction.
The product by contact with the humidity present on the surfaces immediately starts to polymerize, for which the pieces must be assembled within a few minutes. Log on to polymerize the product for the time required for reaching total hardening, before being subjected to high loads.

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