Loxeal 43S 20 gr bottle. Universal Istant Glue for Leather Wood Metals

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Istant Glue 43 S Universal Quick Homologated NSF up to + 120 ° C Loxeal
Ethyl-cyanacrylate-based instant adhesive, ISO 4587 standard.
Universal type of mean viscosity insensitive to acid reaction surfaces, it is suggested for quick bonding even of leather, wood, metals.
Proven temperature resistance up to + 120 ° C with tips for short periods up to + 150 ° C.
NSF certificate category P1 for use as a sticker in the food area, registration No. 154017.
Cyanacrylic adhesives for instant and structural fastening of rubber, metals, ceramics, leather, wood, plastics.
The surfaces to be glued perfectly is appropriate, the best results are obtained with joints of less than 0.1 mm; You can get to thicknesses of 0.30 mm using dense or gel products.
The temperature operating range is between -50 ° C and +80 ° C with Sinoba 130 ° C tips with special products.

Chemical composition: ethyl
Viscosity (+ 25 ° C MPa S): 80 - 150
Joint thickness (microns): 10 - 150
Rapid index - Relative fastening speed (5 = max., 1 = min.): 5
Traction resistance (ISO 6922) N / mm2: 15 - 25
Scroll resistance N / mm2: 15 - 20

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