CFG high performance bearing grease

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Multi-purpose persistent lubricant

High quality grease for bearings operating with high and low speeds and / or high loads.

Prolong the intervals between lubrications.

Higher quality, multi-purpose, based on lithium hydroxide.
Excellent resistance to oxidation, moisture, corrosion, to the highest loads (EP), high speeds, long stay at high temperatures.
It exceeds the performance of all kinds of calcium, sodium, mixed-based, aluminum etc.
Recommended for vehicles and industrial machinery, either, roads also in the stricter operating conditions; For flat or rolling ball bearings or rollers, dynamo, water pumps, electric motors, track support rollers, in high speeds, very high loads, water or high temperatures.
For more details see the Technical Data Sheet: Click here
Available in 0.5 kg jar and 1kg

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