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Description: The first Smart flux to the world Harris Smart Flux Green

Eco Smart® (Patent being released) is a unique flux of its kind: it is designed to change color when it is time to proceed with brazing. It initially appears in green color. When the optimal temperature is reached, the product becomes colorless, and immediately suggests the user to proceed with the contribution material.

Eco Smart is designed for steel brazing, stainless steel, Monel®, nickel, copper, brass, bronze and other metals and ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Transform the welding into an easy and immediate process.

The Eco Smart formula is free of boric acid, and therefore completely environmentally friendly.

In jar 500 gr. in green color paste


  • No boric acid and sodium borato
  • Eco-friendly
  • The resulting mixture is homogeneous and extremely fluid
  • Excellent grip on the heated metal
  • Dissolves the oxides on the surface and protects against oxidation during the heating phase
  • Penetrate in the narrower junctions
  • Does not crystallize
  • It is soluble in water
  • Wide range of use
  • Excellent flux cover during heating
  • Easy removal of residues at the end of the processing

Color change: 427 ° C (800 ° F) - 871 ° C (1600 ° F) | Fireproof: 371 ° C (700 ° F) - 982 ° C (1800 ° F)

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