RUTILE SUPRANOX OERLIKON PH RS 308L electrodes for INOX 304L in pack


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Supranox 308L Oerlikon is an MMA Rutile electrode suitable for the slump of Austenitic CR-NI or casting steels containing 16-20% Cr and 8-12% NI, or AISI 304, AISI 304L.

This electrode can also be used for the welding of stainless steels of the same stabilized type and not for service temperatures below + 350 ° C.

The deposit has a carbon content <0.04%

Particularly suitable for the food, nuclear, chemical and related applications.

This electrode offers excellent weldability and is particularly suitable for head-head and corner flat applications. The diam electrodes. 2.5 and 3.2 can be used for welding in position.

It allows a stable arch transfer from which it is an excellent appearance and a cord profile that appears slightly concave in the corner horizontal and vertical welds. Very few splashes in combination with an easily removable slag, reduce welding cleaning times to a minimum.

Suitable with A.C. (minimum 50V 50V) or DC positive electrode. Easy trigger and reignescent. 100% efficiency.

In summary :

OERLIKON SUPRANOX PH RS 308L electrodes offer high ease of use with excellent tenacity and penetration capacity even at low amperages,

The slag is easily removable and thanks to the particular vacuum package "Dry Pack" the integrity of the product is guaranteed.

AMPERAGE absorption in DC

Diameter 2.0x300 A30-60 (package 1.7 kg pz.150)

Diameter 2.5x300 A55-80 (package 1.7 kg pcs.90)

Diameter 3.25x350 A70-110 (package 1.9 kg pz.55)

AWS A5.4 E308L-17 classification

EN ISO 3581-A: E 19 9 L R 12

Approvals: ABS; BV; DNV; GL

C: 0.025

MN: 0.9

SI: 0.8

P <= 0.030

S <= 0.025

CR: 19.8

Ni 9.5

Ferrite 5-10


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