E7016 Basic Electrodes Double Jacket Oerlikon Spezial


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OERLIKON electrodes (Lincoln group) Basic double coating E7016

Spezial is a double coating electrode, multi-purpose for C-MN steel. The composition of the double coating gives exceptional weldability characteristics. Particularly suitable for root passes (past first): the stable and directional arch facilitates high gap filling, irregular edges of the flaps even in ascending vertical. Easy removal of the slag and high cord aesthetics. Excellent welding features and ISO-V toughness up to -30 ° C.

Product features and advantages

✔ Extremely stable and little sensitive arc to the effects of magnetic breath.
✔ Easy control of the melting bath, high stability at low amperaggi.
✔ The lowest amperage stability reduces the thermal contribution.
✔ Ideal for root past with irregular preparations and high gaps between the flaps to weld.
✔ Easy to use.

During manufacturing the two coatings are pressed simultaneously in a single extrusion operation. The two coatings, deriving from different chemical compositions but very complementary, will give a better technical result.

Diam.2.5x350 mm Pack of 3.9 kg (200 pcs) Oerlikon code W000287402

Welding current 50-95 ampere

Diam.3,2x450 mm Pack of 5.3 kg (125 pcs) Oerlikon code W000287404

Welding current 95-150 ampere

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