Packaging Rutile electrodes for stainless steel 309 Ø 2.5 mm Oerlikon pH RS 309L


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Supranox 309L Rutile electrodes pack, specific for MMA welding of stainless steels of type 309. Particularly suitable for welding dissimilar steels. Sold in pack by 190 pieces from Ø2.5x300mm. Supranox Oerlikon

Rutile electrode for dissimilar metal joints (austenitic steels with welfare steels) and austenitic plating. The metal deposited has austenitous structure with about 15% of Delta ferrite. Used for the first layer of plating on alloy or not tied steels. Good fusion with metal transfer to fine drops, smooth and well-connected cord surface, easy removal of the slag. Easy trigger and reigning of the bow also cold.

Possibility of welding in all angles.

For a good yield it is recommended to preserve the electrodes in a dry place.

Composition (data in%):

C:≤ 0.03
MN: 0.70
Yup: 0.90
P:≤ 0.025
MO: -
NB: -
CU: -
Ferrite: 12-20

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