Basic electrode package Ø 2.5 or Ø 3.2 TENAX 35S 7018


Electrode size: Ø 2.5 x 350 mm - 3.7 kg
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Pack of basic electrodes for non-tied steels OERLIKON TENAX 35S 7018 for MMA electrode welding. Diameter 2.5 mm or 3.2 mm

TENAX 35S (EX PH 35S) is a basic electrode containing iron powder in the very low H2 content coating with high efficiency.

Good weldability in the welding in position.
Excellent mechanical properties especially at low temperature.
Employee for pressure tanks, naval industry, methanadotti, earth moving machines, nuclear buildings, etc.
Excellent radiographic quality.
Basic electrode with iron powder in the upholstery.
Low diffuse hydrogen content.
Excellent mechanical and toughness characteristics.
Uses for mechanical, naval, petrochemical carpentry.

Available sizes

2.5x300 (60-95 a) - pack of 180 electrodes (3.7 kg)

3,2x450 (85-135 a) - pack of 115 electrodes (5.7 kg.)

Chemical analysis

C 0.075
MN 1.35
Yes 0.35
P ≤0.02
S ≤0.015

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