Tig Tig Welding Magnesium Ø2.4mm in pack of 6 pieces Length 500 mm

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Magnesium alloys find in a wide variety of applications, where the low specific weight of the material used as is important in the aerospace industry, in textile machines and for printing, in particular that move at high speed.

The ER AZ61A magnesium alloy is used for TIG welding (Gas-Tungsten-Arc-Welding) of the following magnesium alloys:
AZ10A, AZ31B, AZ61A, AZ80A, ZK21A

Typical chemical analysis:
MG Rest - at 5.8 / 7.2 - BE 0.0008 * - MN 0.15 / 0.5 - ZN 0.4 / 1.5 - Cu 0.05 * - Fe 0.005 *
NI 0.005 * - Yes 0.05 * - Others 0.30 * (*) Max

Welding tips:

For the welding of magnesium alloys we generally use the TIG process (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)) Using the techniques and equipment used for aluminum welding.
The protective gases used are: argon or helium, or mixtures of these two gases.
The use of alternating current (AC) is preferable for better dyshoxidation and cleaning of the welding bath, and for good penetration; However, for the welding of subtle thicknesses, the direct current (DC) is also used in the torch positive pole.
The TIG (GTAW) procedure is the most recommended for the welding of magnesium alloy mergers; Welding is generally limited to the repair of defects on perfectly clean fusions.
The MIG (GMAW) procedure is also used both in the ARC spray, and in a pulsed arc or in shortc arc: proceedings that give a greater speed of welding deposit.
As with other metals, the cleaning of magnesium alloys is particularly important for obtaining good quality welds: therefore the joints to be weld must be perfectly cleaned by any trace of grease, oil or other organic material using special solvents. After degreasing it is good practice to perform a good mechanical brushing of the joint with brushes in acc. INOX.

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