3M 9322+ ffp2 respirator mask with dust valve and welding fumes

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3M 9322+ powder respirator mask designed individually. Suitable for dust, fumes, welding metal powders, woodworking.

The new FFP2 respirator with 3M ™ Valve Aura ™ 9322+ offers maximum comfort, unique design and unique performance. The main features are:

Filter with low respiratory resistance technology
3 flap design
Shaped top panel
Lower flap with tongue
Quilted upper flap
Single envelope

Features and benefits:

Filter with low respiratory resistance technology:
• High filtering efficiency
• Reduced respiratory effort

3 flap design:
• It fits perfectly to different facial conformations and constantly follows facial movements
• Easy to preserve when not used
• Massimo Comfort and extraordinary performance

Top panel shaped:
• Maximum adherence to the nose and the eye outline
• Large visual field
• Compatibility with 3M glasses

Lower flap with tongue:
• Designed to facilitate the wearing and adaptation of the respirator on the face

Quilted upper flap:
• Reduces the fogging of the glasses and the accumulation of heat

Rubber bands:
• guarantee the breathing of the face to the face
• The color code indicates the protection level - blue: FFP2 EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009

Single envelope:
• Individual packaging protects the respirator from contaminations
• Practicality in storage

• 3M glasses
• Products for hearing protection 3M

Article 9322+
FFP2 protection level
Exhazione valve with valve
Folding shape
Protection against powders, fumes and foggies
Maximum level of use up to 12 times the TLV for powders
Classification (NR) Disposable
Thin powder risks
Oils and Mists
European standard EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 FFP2 NR D
Features Filter with low respiratory resistance technology
3M ™ Cool Flow ™ valve
3 flap design
Shaped top panel
Lower flap with tongue
Quilted upper flap
Single envelope
Working Agriculture Automotive Chemistry Construction / Construction Foundries of Iron and Steel Metalworking Sawmills

Supplied with instructions for use and correct storage.

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