Advantages and features of the Soisy installment payment

Soisy is a private lending company authorized and supervised by the Bank of Italy : they allow their investing customers to lend money to other customers who request to pay in installments on affiliated e-commerce companies like ours.

On Soisy, investors get a higher interest rate than that offered by other forms of investment; applicants get a loan faster by paying for it less (if they have good creditworthiness); partners can integrate a new smart and fast payment method, to increase purchases and the average ticket of their transactions.

Because it is an additional payment opportunity that Tecnista offers you, allowing you to choose how quickly and installments to repay your loan, without having to pay for the product in a single solution (and thus have more economic availability for other purchases).

By choosing installment payment with Soisy, you will have these advantages:

- the finalized loan costs you less (especially if you have a good credit rating)

- the outcome and the approval process are faster (1 minute for the quote and 3 minutes for the approval),

- you can manage your request comfortably online (on the tram, in the office or on the sofa, without having to queue at the bank)

- there are no hidden costs

- pay the first installment 30 days after your purchase .

A loan can be repaid over a general time horizon ranging from 3 to 12 months. We recommend that you carefully evaluate your individual needs and your ability to repay the loan .

Soisy advises you to set a number of installments consistent with your employment contract and to ask for a loan only if you are confident that you can repay your investors, who are investing their money and savings by lending them to you to make purchases.

The risk of asking for a loan with us is the same risk you run by asking for a loan from any other intermediary, be it a bank or a traditional financial institution.

It will be appropriate for you to consider:

- if the repayment installments of the loan are sustainable with respect to your income and lifestyle;

- to have an alternative sustainable repayment plan in case your current employment situation changes.

Also consider that the delay in the payment of the installments leads to interest on arrears of 12% .

Here you can find the general conditions of the service for those who request to pay in installments with Soisy.

How to make an installment payment request on

Once you are in the product sheet of our site, put the product in the cart, go to the check-out for the conclusion of the order and when selecting the payment method select "Finance with Soisy" to defer the expense.

From that moment you will be redirected to the Soisy site, where you can select the number of installments and enter your tax code; if the result is positive, you will need to indicate and upload also:

- IBAN or Card to which monthly payments are to be debited;

- photo of your identification document (front / back);

- photo / selfie with the gesture of the hand that asks you the system.

Soisy does not exclude a priori categories of buyers : self-employed, employees, temporary workers ... everyone can ask for an Installment Payment to Soisy through an affiliated e-commerce.

The evaluation process is rigorous but we don't waste your time: in 1 minute we will give you a quote and in 3 minutes an answer.

However, keep in mind that to obtain a loan with us it is necessary to have:

- at least 18 years old;

- good creditworthiness;

- a regular income;

- an IBAN or a Card.

Absolutely yes: the estimate (amortization plan) is free and non-binding for those who ask to pay in installments, so we invite you to do all the simulations you need on the screen where you enter the amount and number of installments, to calculate the installment more sustainable for you.


When you get a loan with Soisy, the sums are lent to you by investors at a certain interest rate, which is called the TAN or the Nominal Annual Rate.

For example, if the loan is € 1,000 and the TAN is 6%, the first month you will pay interest of € 5 (€ 1,000 x 6% / 12).


To express the total cost of a loan, the Global Effective Annual Rate (APR) is used , which is an indicator of the overall cost of a loan.

The APR also includes all the mandatory costs for opening and paying a loan and in the case of Soisy the calculation is particularly easy because these do not exist.

In fact, only in the case of Installment Payment at Standard Rate you will pay a commission to Soisy in addition to other interest; this is also financed by investors and is calculated in the APR.

How to pay the loan installments and costs

For the payment of the installments you do not have to worry about anything: no postal order, files in the post office and zero paperwork; we will automatically withdraw the installment from the IBAN of the bank account you entered during registration , without you having to do anything.

You will pay the first installment starting 30 days after the purchase.

By entering your personal Soisy area, you can see your amortization plan and the dates of each installment payment at any time.

If you want, you can also repay the loan early , without any penalty or additional cost: write to because they will have to calculate the residual debt and check that the next installment has not already been charged to your bank. In short, bureaucratic and boring things, but Soisy takes care of it 100%: they will reply by sending you an email with all the details of the amount to be paid by bank transfer.

The delay in the payment of the installments leads to default interest of 12% .

We also remind you that the money we collect in the Soisy marketplace is not ours but of other people and families who have invested their savings in loans between individuals, lending them to you and people like you who make purchases on e-commerce affiliated as a technist. it

We therefore act on their behalf and to protect their interests, because we are seriously committed when they entrust us with their money.
Furthermore, being in default in the payment of a loan can have very serious consequences for you too, ranging from reporting to the Credit Bureau that will be visible to all the banks and financial institutions that contribute, to the executive action for the foreclosure of your assets.

If you find yourself in financial difficulty during the period in which you have to repay a Soisy loan, please contact us as soon as possible via email at : we will give you all the support to find a solution.

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