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Multifunction welding machine for MMA electrode welding, flush MIG / MAG (with possibility of animated wire welding NOGAS), to TIG LIFT. 3 Welding processes in one solution.
Already equipped with aluminum kit for wire welding.
STEL IRON MIG 221P MULTI - 601596000L

If you want to complete this welding machine with TIG torch, electrode door gripper, consumables and gas cylinders (rechargeable or disposable)Visit our websiteOr call us to request a personalized setup according to your needs.

There STEL IRON MIG 221 Pis a latest generation welding machine with LCD display technology, whichGuide the welder throughout the welding process.

This synergistic pulsed inverter machine simplifies the use by the operator making all the necessary information available through the large LCD screen available at any time.

The design and lightness (about 20 kg) of the Iron Mig 221P make it easy to transport its transport and, consequently, its use "on site" or in any workshop.

This version includes the innovative aluminum process thin thicknesses 1-2 mm PAW ™ and pulsed MIG / MAG programs PE stainless steel also galvanized), cast iron, aluminum and brazing cusages.

For aluminum welding, animated wire and CUSI3 it is necessary to replace roll, sheath torch and driven tips. (kit included in the shipment)

Mounts bobbins diam.200 and 300 mm up to 15 kg. For the 200 mm diameter coils requires the appropriate adapter (included in the shipment)

The 221P model can be used in different light carpentry environments, ship construction industry, blacksmith workshops, routine maintenance.
It can also be mounted on a practical welding machine carriage, for easier transportabilityWithin the work environment.  

We see some important features:

  • The welding machine is equipped with an Intelligent ST-ARC ™ system, which is a method of self-compensation of the possible variation of some conditions during welding (this occurs when the piece is irregular or if the operator's hand is not stopped). As a result we will have a colder and more stable welding, less splashes of welding and reducing subsequent treatments. The lower heat intake ensures that the deformations are avoided, normally due to the high temperature. (The working temperature is 40 °). All MIG / MAG STEL welders are equipped with the ST-ARC ™ system.
  • The machine is also equipped with Start Control, ie a control that automatically takes place when the welding starts, during which the splashes are very low and the welding takes place synergistically when the wire is approached to the workpiece.
  • It is possible to weld in vertical subtle sheets with separation up to 5 mm between the flaps.
  • The use of the welding machine is also indicated for thin panels, with a good wettability of the flaps, heating and reduced deformations.
  • The welding machine is equipped with a PAW ™ system (Precision Aluminum Welding) which controls the welding arc on very thin thicknesses from 1 to 2 mm. Therefore, the welding arc is very short and concentrated using the 1 mm wire. In this way it is not necessary to go and find the expensive Push-Pull torches and reduced diameter wires, difficult to find normally.
  • For subtle thicknesses 2 PAW ™ programs are available, while 12 programs are available for aluminum.
  • Class of fitness S.
  • Insulation class H.

Accessories supplied:

  • MIG 25 torch from 3 meters euro attack
  • Cable Massa DINSE 25 mm2
  • Aluminum Guide Roller
  • Teflon sheath for aluminum wire
  • 5 guidance tips
  • Guide Roller 1.0 - 0.8 for steel
  • 5 kg coil adapter
  • Pressure reducer with 2 pressure gauges for rechargeable cylinders
  • Education and maintenance booklet, CE directive certificate.

If you want to complete this welding machine with TIG torch, electrode door gripper, consumables and gas cylinders (rechargeable or disposable) Visit links below or call us to request a custom setup according to your needs:

Data sheet:

Supply voltage 230 / 240V
Phases 1
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Effective current (25%) 18.3 a
Actual power (25%) 3.4 kW
Vacuum voltage 76 V
Working temperature 40 ° C
Range of power 15 - 200 a
Welding current 35% (25 ° C) 200 a
100% welding current (25 ° C) 140 a
Welding current 25% (40 ° C) 200 a
Welding current 60% (40 ° C) 140 a
Welding current 100% (40 ° C) 120 a
Cable / mass connection 25 mm²
Degree of protection IP 23
Insulation class H
500 x 250 x 390 mm
Weight 20 kg

Download the technical sheet

Listen to the entire explanation of the operation of the machine with all its programs and its features, directly from the professional Stel!

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